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Enjoyable epicurean experience
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I frequent the branch at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Based within Singapore's most historical garden park, this Food For Thought branch celebrates family, rest and sustainable living.

People who want to visit the place should take note to enter the place by the entrance at Cluny Road, as Food for Thought (FFT) is located there. It's a convenient location as there is a bus stop right outside the entrance, and people are able to drive in and park their cars at the basement carpark right next to FFT.

What attracts me to FFT over and over again is the huge dining area that follows a natural and simplistic concept. The restaurant is huge and spacious, and I love the natural lighting that comes in through the huge glass panels at the side. Communal dining is encouraged at FFT, where people can sit together and interact with their friends or even strangers. With the ingenious seating arrangement, barriers are broken and conversations flow easily.

My favourite food is probably their Slow Pulled Pork Burger ($9). Cooked perfectly and paired with potato chunks - oh so delicious! Already mentally drooling while typing this. Another of my favourite food will All-Day Breakfast. Diners can customise their own breakfast, and I ALWAYS go for the mushrooms, which are always so juicy, so succulent.

After your meal, you can always get out and embrace the sweet nature. Go for a stroll with your friends or family members within the Garden to complete the experience.

All in all, Food for Thought is definitely one of my favourite dining places in Singapore. The environment, the food, the people, everything just caters to my taste. Perfect.

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Great food, spacious environment
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Singapore Botanic Gardens
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