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main dishes are better than the cakes
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Food For Thought, 8Q Branch is a cafe located at Singapore Arts Museum. This place gives off a very simple and clean feeling and their 540 jars as a light installation is rather impressive. They serve breakfast from 9AM, all the way to 5:30PM, which makes it a perfect place for people who crave breakfast food past breakfast time. Also, you’re able to customize your breakfast the way you want it.

During lunch hours, the place may get a little packed, but the crowd usually clears by 2PM. Although the breakfast food is awesome, I feel that the coffee here is lacking. Recommended to just stick to their free flow of water, where you have a choice to make a donation of $2, to provide clean water to an African for a year.

Although the fries are part of the chef's recommendations... avoid it. There was too little seasoning, and it was too thick. It ended up unfinished, soggy and bland. For their main dishes, I've had the shiitake and button mushroom risotto. The portion may be a little small if you're a big eater, but it's a great dish!

Had the Hazelnut chocolate crunch for the dessert. It was heavenly, but the coating of chocolate was too much for me. If you have a sweet tooth, you'll definitely enjoy it.

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8 Queen Street
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