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This is one of those kind of places which makes you feel like ordering every single item on their menu. So yes, we ended up ordering a couple to share so that everyone gets to try more dishes!

We ordered a Full Works (comprised of scrambled eggs, bacon, butter toast, hash browns, roasted tomato salad, chicken sausage, garlic mushrooms), Dark Chocolate & Raspberries Pancakes (which comes with cream & gula melaka syrup), a Slow Pulled Pork Burger (with sweet potato chunks) and a Chicken Cutlet.There was so much food, but we finished every morsel of it in high spirits. We kept yumm-ing in total acknowledgement of the pancakes' awesomeness. I've actually had this once at the Bras Basah branch but didn't remember it being this good. I remember though, that the Brash Basah one was awfully drenched overwhelmingly with syrup and chocolate, which made it too sweet. I guess whether you like it or not would depend on your personal threshold for sweetness!

After we were done with the main courses, we ordered another 2 desserts (yes 4 girls ate that much) - Bread & Butter Pudding & a slice of Chocolate Mud Cake. The chocolate ganache was made really well and everyone of us loved it. We were so full at the end of the meal!

The place was luxuriously spacious, which is untypical of crammed up cafes. This Botanical Garden outlet definitely is highly inaccessible though, & I would probably head for the one at Bras Basah instead of this in future!
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