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Well I know Bedok Point isn't exactly a very popular mall, but I would say that it makes a really good eating hot spot! There's food at every level and the one I'll be reviewing is located at level 3. Select on the tab 'Other Outlets' above for full address.

I would say that my family and I are pretty regular customers there. We visit the restaurant once every few months. Well, that shows that there's something worth to return back for. For different people, it may be for different reasons. Personally, I'm a huge fan of steaks! I LOVE steaks! So I may be a little more bias towards the steak category. Thus, I recommend trying out any of the steaks there! I usually get the N.Z Ribeye Steak with Brown Sauce. Maybe you could try that for a start and I love the potato that comes together with the dish. It is topped with a white sauce and those bacon bits which goes so good together.

Service wise, I would say that it is pretty good. Staff are friendly and approachable. Nothing bad to say about the service really. Other than that, if you're lucky you may get the seats by the window which overlooks the Bedok neighbourhood with occasional trains passing by.

Check out my blog for pictures and detailed opinions on the individual dishes!
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N.Z Ribeye Steak with Brown Sauce
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