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I went to try out the food at Eatzi Gourmet with my friends once we noticed that it is actually a halal western restaurant. The place is befitting of a restaurant; it has the elegance and the place is nice and pleasant. The service is excellent, the staff are very attentive to your every needs and you don’t have to wait long for your food.

I chose to eat the student meal because the price of the food on the menu are just too expensive for me. Most of the food offered are steak or seafood based so I ate carbonara instead because I personally don’t like steak. Aside from carbonara, there are also chicken cutlet, baked chicken mushroom rice etc as part of the student meal choices. The chicken cutlet was one of the best I’ve ever tried! The outside was very crispy and the chicken cutlet was big enough to make you feel really full !

The mushroom rice too received two thumbs up ! The carbonara was filled with ham bits but the taste was still so-so. I tasted some of the cakes sold there and they were pretty bad. The cakes were hard as stones and lack any ‘wow’ factor. Overall, I will come back to this place only for my beloved crispy and tender chicken cutlet.

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Chicken cutlet with fries
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Bedok point
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