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Western Restaurants P poppy April 22, 2012 324
Sweet tooth?
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Nothing beats having a rest at a nice cafe with a hot smoothing cuppa in your hands (or in local context, a chilled latte when the weather gets overwhelming) in between your shopping spree, and honestly, that's my favorite part of shopping for I don't see myself as a shopaholic!

Just this day, while shopping with my gf along Orchard, we decided to take a break at Canele, the one near to Shaws. It's her first time trying out Macarons while I decided to only have a coffee, having still being full from lunch.

Although my gf has taken a long time, literally really a long time, choosing her Macarons flavor, the staff is helpful and patient in providing feedback and comments on the different options. Sad to say, my gf doesn't find the Macarons (or perhaps all Macarons) to her liking for she finds them horribly sweet and she doesn't have a sweet tooth like me. On the other hand, after taking a small bite of her Macarons, even I find them too sweet for my liking. I may not have a lot of experience with Macarons (having the only other time tried at Antoinette) but this is really incredibly sweet.

I probably will not return to Canele, despite liking their classy European layout and good service, at least for the Macarons. A cuppa might still be possible though.
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