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Western Restaurants P poppy April 22, 2012 324
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For now, ill just be commenting on their takeaway counter.

That is namely, their sweets. Got a whole row of their macaroons one day and the bright colours definitely excited me. One look at the oozing fillings sandwiched between two crisp meringue shells, the thought already makes me salivate. Turquoise, chilli red, amber and a pretty green, the colours reminiscent of a rainbow, what's there not to like?

BUT WAIT. Don't jump the gun here now. That's the appearance, not the taste. My verdict's not out yet. Well, too sweet, definitely too sweet. I know macaroons are meant to be sweet, they are. But theirs? Diabetes inducing. Heck, on a health freak's point of view, the amount of colouring added is enough to induce a string of health related problems.

After a few bites, i couldn't take it anymore. Even though i have a sweet tooth, they were definitely to much for me. I got a migraine from the excessive amount of sugar added.
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