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Western Restaurants P poppy April 22, 2012 318
Canele - can lah
(Updated: October 21, 2012)
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When they first appeared on the cafe scene, Canele more or less set the trend for backlit patisserie displays with their eye-catching rows of colourful macaroons atop light boxes.

Typically Singaporean in its approach to aesthetics, Canele is branded and designed to the hilt, from the swanky graphics on all their takeaway packaging to the colour-coordinated interiors.

The coffee and cake are all up to scratch, on par with similarly-priced competitors. Especially noteworthy is the Earl Grey and Fig ice cream flavor, which is unique to Canele.

I don’t like that there is service charge. Table service is not necessary for me. I’d rather carry my own tea to my table. That’s what God gave me hands and legs for.
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