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Western Restaurants P poppy April 22, 2012 318
Definitely an eye-opener
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The first impression I had of Canelé was of 'wondrous'. With a posh interior, it was as though I had stepped food into a cosy little cafe in Paris or Italy. The staff there were extremely helpful and patient, explaining which were more popular amongst the crowds. I, myself, isn't a fanatic for macarons as they're too sweet for me (I'm more of a bittersweet person), but I've heard of great reviews from a couple friends who loves macarons more than anything in this world. Apparently, they are 'as heavenly as heaven, and earthier than TWG'.

The cakes that they offer are wondrously delectable; the chocolate melts right in your mouth, and the last thing on your mind would be the calorie overload. There's always the guilt ridden wondering if it was really worth blasting thousands of calories on a slice of cake (or two. You can never stop in Canelé). Well, I just have to say something: Go for it. You wouldn't regret it, after-all, Canelé isn't called as one of the best dessert places in Singapore for nothing.

The prices aren't exactly cheap, but they're not exorbitant either. Prepare to bring at least $50 if it's on a date with your (girl)friend; you wouldn't want to be embarrassed with an empty wallet. Don't worry, I promise it's all a bang for your buck.

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