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Western Restaurants A audrey-oh May 20, 2012 449
snack time!
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When GoGo arrived in Singapore, I was lured to its signboard. It is green and the word 'Frank' makes me feel that it is honest to me about the quality of the food and how good it tastes. It is how I visualise my food, do not judge me.

I have tried their Cheesy Balls and Cheesy Sausage and they do not impress but they are edible and moderate and I was famished after shopping with my friend so I cannot complain, can I? Their food tastes like what I can buy from the supermarkets and cook myself. However, their plus point is the fact that they are a kiosk stall where warm, cook food is easily available and within reach. Guess that is what attracted me, my weak mind craving in to hunger pains.
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