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Western Restaurants A audrey-oh May 20, 2012 181
Easy take out.
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When Go Go franks was introduced to me, I was a supervisor working under tight schedule and barely enough time to eat. This would supposedly be my solution for a quick snack as I am an avid sausage lover, though my stomach can't really digest those instants ones that you find in the supermarket well.

I ordered the 11 pieces sausage balls, a mixture of all the flavors they had instead of solely one flavor, since it was my first time there. It costs me $4.80 for it. They had red roast, satay, cheese and black pepper. These were surprisingly okay for my stomach even though they were actually just instant sausages. Maybe it was the flavoring that made it taste like real meat. My take on the flavor, try black pepper and cheese, not so much on satay. I can't comment much on red roast since I'm not a fan anyways.
I went there again recently, and saw that they had a new full house box, 16 pieces if I'm not wrong?

My recommendation would be for you to actually order sausage balls rather than the whole sausage and also, have a mixture to have a variety of flavor, rather than just sticking to one.You can choose three of these sauces to go with it : Mayo, chilli or ketchup.

Not for a full meal, but a good snack when you're rushing. Simple, fast and quite afforadable.

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Black pepper sausage balls
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Ion Orchard
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