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Thai Restaurants S subathrad April 21, 2012 376
Unexpectedly good!
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I would ALWAYS end up eating at Thai Accent whenever I am at Vivocity. Here's why:

1) The portion is big! Looks exactly the same as their pictures
2) Easy-to-read menu with no gimmicks
3) Affordable! (Same prices as Thai Express)
4) WAAAAAAAAY better than Thai Express

Thai Accent always satisfies my hunger pangs without fail. I love it that their menu is so straightforward and they offer a large variety of food. My tom yam seafood noodle was great and its basil chicken was really good too!

Ever since I came back from Bangkok, I stopped eating at Thai Express (I had been eating Thai Express at least once a week before that). In fact, it was a long while before I got back to eating Thai food in Singapore, because I was almost sure that I would get disappointed. However, I visited Thai Accent with my bf after a movie at Vivocity because I vaguely remembered my first visit was not too bad and I decided to give it a second shot as I was craving for Thai food badly. I enjoyed my food thoroughly! Although nothing can compare to the real deal in Bangkok, Thai Accent was good enough for me :)

I packed the mango sticky rice back home and was surprised that it still tasted so good! Especially the mango, which is usually sour and unripe in Singapore.

Kudos to the chefs at Thai Accent! If you need a quick fix of Thai food at Vivocity, be sure to drop by Thai Accent!

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