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This restaurant failed to meet the expectations of a usually crowded dinner spot in shopping malls, but maybe it was because I patronised the one in Wheelock Place whereby there aren't many shoppers there to begin with.

I was there for lunch with my friends, and the moment we stood in front of the store, there was no indication of where we should wait to get our seats. The menu stand is usually where people wait, but for that restaurant, it is placed right next to the door where most people take their exit, so me and my friends were very confused.

Initially, there was one woman that stood at the other door waiting to get a seat, however, she left as the staff were blatantly ignoring her presence, the same happened when we were waiting. So, we had to wave to one of the waiters to get their attention, in which he exchanged with us a few awkward hand signals that we did not understand, and he carried on ignoring us afterwards. It was only when we waved to another waiter that we finally got our seats.

The waiter that took our orders and served to us most of our dishes (also the one that gave us awkward hand signals) didn't seem very fluent in English, as he had very little response to us when we were ordering. My usual expectation of a waiter or a waitress is that the least they could do is to repeat our orders after we placed them. Unfortunately, he did not do so and was very quiet throughout the ordering process.

So, we asked for three glasses of iced water, which we had to remind them again to have it served to us, and the iced lemon tea we ordered did not have any ice in it even though only one of my friends stated to have no ice in her drink only. My two friends ordered beef noodles while I ordered seafood with pineapple fried rice. That same waiter served me beef noodles even though the receipt clearly stated that I had ordered pineapple fried rice. Thus, I had to wait a little longer to have my dish served, which I wasn't very happy about.

Now, on to the food. Being considerably experienced in the pineapple rice different restaurants serve, I could not taste anything pleasantly distinct in the seafood pineapple fried rice that I had ordered. I cannot doubt the fact that it tasted good, but I feel that there are other restaurants that have done it better, such as Lerk Thai. The presentation is just the rice in a bowl, and although I am not too picky about presentation, other restaurants have done it better, such as Bali Thai, which serves their pineapple fried rice in a half-cut pineapple, very unique indeed.

As for portions, I can say that this restaurant does not serve as much as other restaurants do, such as Bali Thai, but I shall not compare on the value, as I am unable to remember the price of the pineapple fried rice in other restaurants. However, I do think that the prices are not worth the quality and quantity of the food you get, especially the side dishes.

Amidst all the relatively bad feedback, my friends thought that the beef noodles were good!

And most importantly, the $6.48 of service charge was absolutely ridiculous for the service me and my friends received, unfortunately, service charges are fixed, so this better be a wake-up call for restaurants to make sure their services are on par (if not I might just be extremely fed up and stop patronising restaurants all in all)!

In conclusion, I was unhappy with the restaurant, but I would give it a second chance, maybe during dinnertime with my family. Also, I think that one of the reasons for the bad service might be because I am still a teenager, and usually restaurants in general like to doubt us because we don't look like we could actually afford their food (in which the staff were pretty surprised from their faces when we slapped two fifty dollar bills on the bill). T

his was one of my very occasional dining splurges after a long examination period, thus I was pretty disappointed with my experience.

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November 01, 2013
Hate places with bad service too. It totally ruins the whole dining experience.
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