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Thai Restaurants F farshafarsha April 13, 2012 368
Good food though not entirely authentic
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There seems to be this whole hype surrounding Bangkok Jam and often times when I pass by the outlets they would be at full house capacity with a long queue. So I decided to try Bangkok Jam yesterday, and the verdict is...

The food was pretty good actually. I ordered green curry chicken with rice while my friend ordered yellow curry chicken with rice and a pomelo salad and we finished everything. The pomelo salad was a perfect balance of sweet and sour and definitely very appetising, a perfect starter. Both the curries were very savoury, we ordered curry chicken and it came in a small pot and unlike other restaurants, there was only chicken in the pot and there weren't any other spices or brinjals. The rice quality, however, was lacking and the rice was dry and coarse.

The service was unsatisfactory though with the waiters being rather inattentive.
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