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Thai Restaurants F farshafarsha April 13, 2012 371
Caught in a JAM at JEM
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There was literally a huge JAM at Bangkok Jam. Don't get me wrong, it's not about the long queue.

I dropped by for late lunch at at about 2.30pm on Sunday at Bangkok Jam, located at the newly opened Jurong East Mall (JEM). The queue was relatively short. We were quickly ushered into the restaurant. Once we were seated, we were offered a glass of water each and our orders were promptly taken.

Unfortunately, the wait that followed lasted at least half an hour. I ordered Chicken Pad Thai ($11.90) while my friend ordered Honey Sesame fish ($10.90). Mine came first (after a hungry, long wait) and it was until about 15 minutes later that the other dish arrived. We weren't the only impatient ones in the restaurant. At the next table, a lady complained, rather audibly, to the waitress that she had been waiting for 45 minutes. We had intended to have our Mango Sticky Rice ($7.80) served after the meal, but we decided that we should just request to have it served so that by the time we finished our meals, we need not put up with the long waiting time again.

It can be rather frustrating. The service crew were polite, but some seem rather forgetful and fazed by the crowd. We had to request for our dessert thrice. Twice to the service staff and another to the manager of the restaurant.

I thought that the dishes are a tad overpriced too. The pad thai was good, though not the best. The honey sesame chicken was mediocre. The only saving grace got to be the fact the dishes were all served piping hot.

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