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Other Restaurants L leigh April 25, 2012 228
Where were the Volkswagen vans?
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Kombi Rocks Diner is such a kitschy and quirky place to be at. Clearly, the owner has put in a lot of thought and effort into preserving history here, which makes for a nostalgic and heartwarming visit. I especially love the paintings on the walls.

The menu boosts of a hearty mix of local and breakfast dishes. The fried rice I had was out of this world, and I highly recommend it. The mee goring was pretty well done too, but I got sick of it after awhile. Pancakes were so-so and hardly worth the price you’re paying for. In fact, everything here is rather overpriced, but I suppose you’re paying for the novelty factor.

Unfortunately I hardly saw any Volkswagen vans, so I left disappointed as those were my main purpose for visiting the diner.
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