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Middle Eastern Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 94
Yummy kebabs on the go.
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I came across Shiraz as a small kiosk in front of Takashimaya. It was one of those places where you can get to go food fast. The smell was so alluring that I had to try it out and I was pleasantly surprise. I had ordered a chicken kebab, The meat was not so dried up as how many of the kebabs meat in Singapore has degraded to. Instead it was juicy and just plain yummy! They were generous with the veggie and sauces. It made me feel at ease, because at least this fast food seemed to be a little bit more healthier than the others. You could opt the combo as well.

Personally I think the combo is definitely worth it. The fries was nice and hot when I got it. It was a tad bit crunchy, and not all dried up or soggy. The drink would of course be a necessity for me, since I choke on food alot.

It's a perfect healthy to go food that will not haunt on your conscious as much as those fast food chains, but branches at Clark Quay and Taka is definitely a take away kiosk. I wouldn't really attempt on staying put because the one at Clark Quay is at the Cannery area, which means loud music and alot of people and the one at Taka is right under the sun.

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