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Japanese Restaurants K kuchiki July 16, 2013 125
Pricey but high quality indulgences
(Updated: July 16, 2013)
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Located in a small corner of CHIJMES, you could almost miss the restaurant. But I was so glad we didn't!

Their staff was extremely attentive to us (probably because there weren't others in the restaurant at that time).

The Sashimi served was just perfectly sliced and unsurprisingly, definitely of the higher quality.

Their Ura Maki (California Reverse Roll) was a delight as I wasn't expecting much as the pictures on the menu didn't make it look to impressive. On the contrary, the Tamago Sushi was quite disappointing.

An avid fan of Chawanmushi, I really couldn't resist but order that as the staff kept promoting it to us. Topped with crab meat, the steamed egg dish was fresh and silky smooth. But of course there's always a hefty sum to pay for the indugence. The small serving costs us $18 which definitely seems over-priced.

What I liked about the restaurant is that the space is being divided into two sections. One side serves solely the BBQ orders (which we assumed to be oily and steamy), and the other area serves the ala-carte orders. This will allow diners to enjoy their meals without having to worry about the oily space while dining with the others who may be enjoying their BBQ. Very well-thought!

On the overall, it was definitely quite a wonderful culinary delight. In addition, the restaurant was rather quiet and would be good for small get-togethers with fellow foodies!

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