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Great Japanese Food
(Updated: November 17, 2012)
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Shin Kushiya has a wide range of food that already seem appealing on the menu itself. It was surprising though, that we had to wait for 15 minutes despite the lack of queue. As it turned out, many tables were reserved already.

The interior is rather dim, and this coupled with the dark furnishings make the place seem even darker. The service staff were good and accommodated with our various requests promptly.

We had a range of Kushiyaki which all had the distinctive smoky taste. The pork wrapped with mozzarella was amazing and the pork belly skewer was succulent and cooked just right. The salmon with mentaiko sauce was disappointing though; the salmon was overdone and the amount of mentaiko sauce was so little.

The Tosei Saba Yaki looked a bit burnt on first sight, although the flesh was soft and fresh. We also got Buckwheat noodles with tempura. There was nothing impressive about the tempura nor the noodles.

The desserts are rather pricey considering they are so small in size. Among four people, we shared three desserts - tofu cheesecake, soybean pudding and cream brulee. They were not overly sweetened and did not make us feel too full after eating them which was good.

There are some more items we had but it's really too much to list. Anyway, I had a overall pleasant experience dining at Shin Kushiya.

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