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Japanese Restaurants K kuchiki May 10, 2014 193
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Katanashi is an izakaya-style Japanese restaurant that is easy to miss, especially if you tend to walk past Boat Quay without paying attention to any of the restaurants, a handful of which are admittedly not even worth considering. Katanashi is not one of these restaurants. Once you so much as set a foot in, expect to be impressed first by the friendly waiting staff and their warm greetings, uttered in perfect unison and in a queer but endearing mix of English and Japanese.

The restaurant's interior is small but cosy, and its layout is that of the traditional izakaya, with the seats facing the counter -- all the more convenient for a chat with the amiable cook as she prepares your dishes.

We had an order of flame-seared mackerel fillet and a massive plate of yaki-udon. Neither disappointed. The udon came in a generous mound nestled in a garlicky, umami-laden broth, which had enough flavour in it to complement the thick, springy udon noodles. The dish was just right, neither bland nor overly salted, as might be the case with yaki-udon served elsewhere.

The flame-seared mackerel is a must-try for fans of fatty fish. As the searing is done only skin-side, the flesh is left firm and tender. But what made our order way better than a mere serving of saba sashimi was the flavour of seared fat, which lent each bite a certain robustness of flavour and a delightful saltiness.

When we got up to leave the restaurant, the waiting staff promptly bade us farewell. We were truly impressed by the marvellous service.

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