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Japanese Restaurants B bxbong November 20, 2012 169
Far from the best, potentially the worst.
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The restaurant was very forgettable, barely ringing a bell when I first set eyes on the signboard that bore its name in bold, black kanji (漢字), even though I knew somewhere, sometime ago, I had seen this huge signboard before. Unfortunately, the food was just as forgettable.

The Dashimaki Tamago (出汁巻き玉子) was priced at an affordable 5 dollars, which seemed too cheap to pass. But it wasn't until our order arrived that we knew why it cost so little. Not only were we disappointed by the size of the egg rolls when they came, we were also unimpressed by its flavour, or lack thereof. The egg was merely "maki" (meaning 'roll') in form and almost completely devoid of the "dashi" (meaning 'broth') character it was supposed to have, that salty, flavoursome profile. It was somewhat like eating the Chinese 'ba chor neng' (minus the pork, of course), except in a rolled-up form.

Then came our order of Teppan Mentaiko Ramen (鉄板明太子ラーメン), a dry ramen dish. It was really a simple stir-fry of noodles and strips of vegetables and tiny bits of fatty pork, not something we would normally order. But the mentaiko dressing was more than we could resist and, sure enough, much to our expectations, the ramen arrived in a beautiful oval mound bedecked in a lavish zigzag of that creamy, briny goodness. Unfortunately, there was just too much soy in the dish, which overpowered the wondrous flavour of the mentaiko. It was a horrendous dish that tasted of nothing but salt and soy the more you ate.

Our last side of pork katsu was not as terrible, but highly disappointing nonetheless. It was dry and tough, much like overcooked chicken breast, so much so that we ate them with a leaf of lettuce or two so that they'd be easier to choke down. Portions were exceedingly small too, and one could perhaps say that half of what we paid for the dish was for the side of salad. This last side was quite a rip-off.

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