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Jamie's Italian
Italian Restaurants A alanyuen March 11, 2014 279
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Visited Jamie's outlet at Vivo City with high expectations due to his reputation as a world-class chef. I went down earlier than the dinner time to avoid the crowds and to ensure that I wouldn't have to wait for too long.

Upon entering the place, I was very impressed with its layout. It was unique and refreshing, unlike many other fancy restaurants these days. There was even an area where various merchandise were laid out and aspiring chefs would be pleased to know that Jamie's cookbooks were being sold as well. I also liked that they used cloth napkins instead of paper ones, which added to the classiness of the place.

However, although food layout was pleasing, I could not say the same for food quality. I was sorely disappointed with the food because it wasn't anything remarkable and was normal to me. No pleasant surprises there. Portions were also pretty small and since I am a big eater, the meal was unsatisfying. On the bright side, I did enjoy their tiramisu dessert.

Overall, not a place to go to for a second time, and coupled with the pricey menu, is not a place I would recommend.

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