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European Restaurants F farshafarsha April 12, 2012 361
Great for breakfast, but I wouldn't recommend their cakes.
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I dined there twice and twice we ordered their Eggs Florentine, which was very satisfying. I highly recommend their Eggs Florentine. You can't ask for a better breakfast than that. The combination of toast, hollandaise, poached eggs, and good quality ham is perfect. I liked the flavour combination. There's the saltiness of the ham to cut through the richness of egg yolk and creamy hollandaise. The toast was excellent, crisp and good for mopping up the overflowing yolk. Be sure to get the ham and the spinach in every forkful.

We also had scrambled eggs and Scottish smoked salmon, which was excellent too, and very satisfying, except not quite as the Eggs Florentine. Scrambled Eggs were well done and buttery enough.

We tried their cakes the first time we were there and, while they were really good, they just weren't worth the money, especially given their size. The cakes there can go up to nine dollars. We were very nearly tempted by some green tea dessert yesterday but resisted in the end. If you feel you can afford to indulge though, I'd recommend their strawberry shortcake.

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