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Chinese Restaurants B bojio June 04, 2013 464
Terrible Ambience!
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Tim Ho Wan is highly regarded upon as THE dim sum place for Singaporeans to flock to, due to its status as one of the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.

Service was fast, and I do applaud the dedicated and friendly staff. Ambience was terrible. It was too noisy for my liking, extremely headache-inducing! The only pro was that I came with a partner, and getting seats for two was much easier than if you came in threes or more. I was ushered in after a mere 10 minutes of queueing.

I personally did not feel that its food selections are to-die-for. There's only around 25 selection of Dim Sum to choose from, and dessert-wise, only 2. Its "4 Big Heavenly Kings" comprising of the famous HK BBQ Bun isn't spectacular, same for the rest of the Dim Sum offered. The only two dishes which I felt was able to fully eliminate my hunger pangs was the Egg Porridge and Rice in Pandan Leaves with Chicken Stuffing (relatively huge portion). If you're looking for good food with a much wider variety to satiate your taste palate, I think Swee Choon is a much better alternative.

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