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Y January 11, 2016
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San Laksa Steamboat offers an authentic Chinese steamboat that uses laksa as its soup base. They offer a variety of fresh steamboat ingredients, including the highly popular fish paste dish.

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The perfect combination
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Whoever thought of this idea is a genius. Steamboat and laksa are two of Singapore’s favourite dishes, so having them together makes your meal twice as awesome.

The laksa soup goes very well with rice, and they even have free flow laksa leaves at each table - the precious herb that brings out the true colors of laksa. If for some reason you don’t like laksa, or some poor soul at your table can’t take spicy food, you can opt for a dual-soup pot. But why would you come here if not for the laksa.

Most of the steamboat ingredients do really well, especially things like crispy beancurd skin, which really soaks in the delicious laksa soup. Cooking vegetables in laksa does not work that well though.
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