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Chinese Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 373
Old hongkong feel.
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Let me start with their negatives first.
Don't, don't ever try their ma lai koh. Being one of the cheapest item on the menu, I was keen to try it. It came in a UFO like shape. First bite- wrong texture. Second bite- wrong taste. Third - hopeless. I'm not the picky type but this cake was simply too horrible for me to swallow down anymore. There was a siu ish aftertaste, characteristic of too much leavening agent present. The texture was dense and wet through, unlike the soft and fluffy interior which can be found in even mass produced packets.

On to their plus points. Once you step in, you'll be greeted with throngs of people, tables spread across the whole room. It reminded me of the eating places of the past, there was a rustic feel to the whole place. Their signature pulling factor would have to be that their dim sum is not ordered from a menu, but are placed on push carts. Once the pushcarts leave the kitchen, be sure to be quick if you want the best items, hot.

Their Liu sha pao did not disappoint too. Hot and flowy salted egg yolk custard on the inside, it burst and flowed out as I pinch the little floury bun open.

Come early and remember, ladies, don't wear a belt.
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