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(Updated: February 26, 2013)
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Red Star Restaurant is one of the restaurants my elderly relatives usually patronise for dim sum. I have not been there for almost a year, and recently I went there to 'lo hei' with my relatives and friends for Chinese New Year.

The cute part was only my grandaunt knew all of us, the others didn't know everyone, so what happened was three of us arrived early, had no idea we did not know one another, and opened up 3 separate tables, with one ordering Pu'er tea, the second one ordering Pu'er tea with Chrysanthemum, and the third ordering Jasmine tea. It was only when my grandaunt arrived that the misunderstanding was sorted out, and our table ended up with 3 teapots of different teas.

As we were ordering our dim sum dishes from time to time, I began to have a strange feeling. In the past, all the aunties and uncles who took our orders spoke Cantonese--without fail. This time, there were some China people who served us, and we had to give our orders in Mandarin. It felt really strange, because I always had the innate feeling that people who run and serve in dim sum restaurants MUST know Cantonese. Maybe I should move with the times. My grandaunt, who always seem to know everything, told me that according to the grapevine, the older staff who knew Cantonese were unhappy with one or two of the owners, and left the restaurant, hence the owners had to hire new staff, who hailed from China. The plus point was the China staff were very cheerful and enthusiastic.

Another issue was the food quality had become erratic quite recently. Sometimes the food tasted nice, sometimes it did not. One example was the egg tarts. One batch was delicious, the next batch we ordered were not so good. The presentation of the food was also not of restaurant quality--they looked like they were prepared in food courts. Fortunately for us, the food in general was edible, so no one complained.

Sometimes, the owners will come to our table to chit-chat with us, and on this recent visit, one of the owners, a very nice man, came and 'lo hei'ed' with us.

I am in general not a fussy eater, hence the food at Red Star was acceptable to me. But what I did not like was paying the bill--the price was high and definitely not worth it, for the quality of food that were served.
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