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Chinese Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 401
old gem!!
(Updated: May 09, 2012)
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Red Star restaurant has been around for decades and the reason is simple. It serves simple food at its best!

It is located about ten minutes away from my place and it is a place my family and I always frequent on one of the weekend mornings. Service is quick as they have those push trolleys being pushed around constantly. You tell the waitress what you want and it the steaming baskets would be placed on your table almost immediately. You don't have to order and wait for the food to arrive. Of course, if the food you want is not available on the trolley, the order will be sent to the kitchen. I love the fried carrot cake as well. They have a trolley with a pan attached to it. The carrot cake will be fried as they walk around. The carrot cake has crispy edges (my favorite part!) and a nice and moist centre. Very satisfying.

Simple food like steamed dumplings, roast pork buns and congee are the star attractions of this restaurant. It's all old-school food, nothing fancy-pansy and novel about it. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very nostalgic as well. Nothing modern at all. It's all decorated the old-fashioned way. Utensils used are heavy as well. All in all, a great no-frills place for authentic Cantonese food! Do come along with a chinese-speaking relative or friend though, as the waitresses and waiters are mostly chinese-speaking.

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