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Chinese Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 373
Pooh-pooh, for an old and established brand, I would have expected better.
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I'll pooh-pooh the part of their listing that reads [i]"... are wheeled around by loud, scowling aunties with hearts of gold."[\i]

There is nothing really remarkable about Red Star especially the Dim Sum. The food was slightly above average, and the service terrible. When we asked some of the aunties for items, especially Char Siew Sou and Har Gao, we were told to wait for the correct lady with the trolley. Yet, somehow or the other, she'll always miss out our table and go in other directions or she'll finally make it to our table and there is no longer any more of the items that we want.

The staff ignore us regularly and seems to be irritated when we asked them to refill the teapot with hot water.

I'll really understand if we went on a weekend. But the fact was that we went on a weekday and the service was so poor! The staff to table ratio is spectacular yet they would always seem to be busy doing things like filling soya sauce bottles laying tables etc. Their congee is their saving grace but even it was a tad cold.

Probably will not return unless an elder family member specifically request to go or when there is news that the service improved.

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Lukewarm congee
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