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Chinese Restaurants A aravind March 29, 2012 305
I hated it.
(Updated: December 16, 2012)
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I came on an empty stomach with my family on a weekend expecting to stuff my face with what my mom told me was going to be some really awesome dimsum. But no, just about everything, save for their meaty pork and prawn dumplings ("siew mai" and "har gao"), was average. Even with the dumplings, I got sick of them pretty quickly and decided to move on to something else. I stopped ordering dimsum from the pushcarts and moved on to the small buffet table and there I didn't find anything yummy either. Just some fried vermicelli and rice rolls and other unprepossessing stuff. I had little more than a mouthful of whatever was on the buffet table and decided I had enough. So that was it.

The food was really mediocre and yet the place was packed. And people were perpetually swarming at the buffet table like hyenas around a carcass, impatient to get this or that.

To lovers of dimsum, you're better off going to Lao Beijing.

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