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Chinese Restaurants A alfy May 16, 2012 127
only here for these two dishes
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Roast pork cubes are a must to order if you're eating here. The skin is crispy, and the pork is not too fat (but still great!), and there's mustard sauce to go with it. Another must-have dish here, is the salted egg prawn balls. It's fried, and the salted egg is crispy, unlike other restaurants which may have it in a runny version.

Other than these two dishes, there aren't many dishes that are worth the price. Ordered a pan-fried wagyu beef, which was a total waste of money. It was quite tough, and bland. It was really a mistake to order that at a Chinese restaurant, so please take note and avoid that dish. Their dim sum dishes are passable, nothing to rave about.

Their staffs are just a little too attentive. Take a sip of your tea, and they'll refill it right away. It gets quite annoying with the waitresses rushing to fill your cup every single time after you've had a sip. Gently reject them, and another waitress comes by a minute later asking if you want more tea.

Another weird point is about the way they serve the dishes- it's never in order.
At times, the main dishes were served before the appetizers, and even after all the dishes have been served, the plain rice we've ordered from the start still has not appeared.

Good points about their servers, is that they are good at suggesting portion sizes. The amount of food ordered for the group has always been perfect. That's a rather amazing skill.
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