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Chinese Restaurants F farshafarsha April 13, 2012 390
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I visited Five & Dime on a weekday afternoon and upon entering the shop, I noticed how all the tables were already reserved!! So remember to make a reservation to prevent yourself from getting disappointed. The whole eatery is bright and well-lit, which I really like! Their brunch menu serves the usual things that other cafes serve - mainly egg dishes, pancakes, big breakfast and the likes BUT they have mentaiko spaghetti here! Something which you can't easily find on brunch menus elsewhere.

The mentaiko spaghetti here is super shiok. I loveee mentaiko and not many places in Singapore serve mentaiko on spaghetti!! The spaghetti is served with a generous topping of mentaiko and once you stir everything in, the mentaiko will coat every spaghetti strand nicely. It's simple fare, just mentaiko and pasta but it hits the right spot. :) My friend had the pancakes and I wouldn't recommend that too. It tasted very thick, dry and heavy :-( I tried soaking it in lots of syrup but a bad pancake is still a bad pancake. I will choose Macdonald's hotcakes over the ones at Five & Dime any day hahaha. Haven't tried the rest of the brunch items but if you're into mentaiko, definitely try the mentaiko spaghetti here!
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