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Chinese Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 18, 2012 249
Authentic Dim Sum
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My family often comes here for dim sum, and that's saying something about this place as my father is from Hong Kong.

I can't recall if they still push the dim sum around in pushcarts, such that you are able to simply pick those you like, but they used to do that when I was younger and looking at them always made me feel as if I were back in Hong Kong.

Their dim sum is excellent too, at least based on Singapore's standards. It's pretty hard to find good dim sum locally, but the price at East Ocean makes it a little inhibiting to dine here often.

You should also try their deep-fried spicy beancurd, it was a must-order at our table and my siblings and I could easily wolf down 2 to 3 plates.
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