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Chinese Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 18, 2012 248
Excellent dim sum
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The last time I ate their teochew specialties was donkey years ago, so I will not comment on that. More recently, I have patronised them in the morning/afternoon for their dim sum and other foods available at the time. I must say, the dim sum is extremely delicious, the ingredients are fresh and the textures of the different dim sum such as har gao and siew mai is just right.

I have also taken some of their other dishes, and they do not pale in comparison to the dim sum, items such as the roast pork, fried silverfish and the desserts are all of a high quality, especially roast pork, which is served without the hard parts of the meat, leaving only crisp skin and melt in your mouth fat and meat.

There is nothing to complain about their service, and the quality of the food comes with reasonable prices, while being higher than other small eateries, their prices are still more reasonable than other restaurants such as crystal jade which serve about the same food at a lower standard.

To add on, do give their mooncakes a try during the mid autumn festival, they are my favourite mooncake makers with the exception of eater palace.

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