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I ate at East Ocean for an extended family gathering, and even though we had made a reservation beforehand, we still had to wait for around 15 minutes as the place was packed full to the brim! I sympathize with those queuing with no reservation! Goodness knows how long they waited..

As I stepped in, I realised it was one of those restaurants where you would order from the waitresses as they passed by with various dim sums, calling the names of the various dishes loudly. I have to say it really sounded like a fish market, as the combined noises of the waiters/waitresses calling and conversations from neighbouring tables added to the busy atmosphere. However, that does give you a taste of a busy street in Hong Kong!

Dim sum served is simply delicious, and there are also various dim sums shaped in animal forms, such as a dog, penguin and a fish, which can bring joy to the younger children and bring fun to eating. East Ocean also has various promotions according to the seasons, such as the upcoming Chinese New Year. Staff are friendly and helpful too (:

I recommend making a reservation beforehand before coming here to have a taste of Teochew cuisine.

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