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Chinese Restaurants F farshafarsha April 13, 2012 507
Mouthwatering baked BBQ honey pork bun
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I’ve never eaten in Canton Paradise before, but there is one thing that I’ve tried from there, and that is their popular baked BBQ honey pork bun. And boy, am I glad I’ve had the privilege of tasting this beauty before!

The skin of the bun is crispy on the exterior, yet still managing to retain its inner fluffiness and softness. The char siew filling, a fatty sweet and savoury blend, was also divine. When eaten hot, the sweetness of the meat is amplified, and the filling just oozes out into a delectable explosion in your mouth.

My friend felt that it was not as good as Tim Ho Wan’s, but since I’ve never tried it, there was no basis of comparison. To me, Canton Paradise is still one of the best char siew bun in the country.
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