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Good enough for Chinese fare
(Updated: April 22, 2013)
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The branch at Compass Point starts to close pretty early at about 9 pm, but then again, so the the rest of the outlets at this shopping centre., so if you don't wish to be hurried like we were, it will best to go earlier.

My friend and I dropped in to catch dinner at about 8.30 pm, but by that time, some of the items on the menu were not available, including the congee and some dim sum items. But that also meant that we needed to eat our food quickly as they were starting to put away the condiments on the empty tables.

But still since we were too hungry anyway, the partial menu and compressed time were sufficient for us. We chose a couple of items including the fried rice with egg, the French beans with dried shrimp paste, the pear soup, chee cheong fun with char siew filling and for dessert the yam with red beans.
The striking purple yam with red beans on the menu was just calling for attention, so I guess it was not too be missed - although in reality, even though it was well made, the yam pudding was not as impactful as it could have been, so you will mostly taste the red beans.

The fried rice with egg was competent enough but it would be sad if any Chinese restaurant cannot even get this right.

The best of the lot has go to be the pear soup with soft pork bones, it was (double) boiled to perfection and although the portion was small, the soup was tasty thanks to the sweetness of the pear. I do like the soft bones which were simmered to just the right texture with no strong pork smell. It seems like the Paradise Group of folks has gotten soups down to a T, as the rest of the chains seems to offer pretty consistently good soups.

The French beans and even the chee cheong fun with filling were pretty ordinary as you can get similar tasting ones at hawker centres these days. If you crave HK-style tea or coffee, Canton Paradise does provide rather authentic tea and coffee which is completed in appearance, as they are served in similar HK-styled cups and saucers that you find at the cafes in Hong Kong.

All in all, it was pretty good Chinese fare and the total cost was slightly less than 40 bucks which puts them in direct competition with the other mid-range Chinese restaurants for casual dining.

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