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Chinese Restaurants F farshafarsha April 13, 2012 503
Splendid Food but amateur service!
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Been to the I12 Katong Shopping Centre twice and the food makes me want to go back for more. However, their service on the other hand was quite a let down. But before I go into the service aspect, let me discuss more about their food.

Well, the fact that my family and I had no intention on having our lunch there, and we managed to get a table despite the lunch crowd in roughing 15mins was pretty impressive I must say. We ordered quite a number of dishes from the famous custard buns to their roasted pork meat which you guys have to try it dipping it in the asian mustard sauce. It is so good. However, their Wanton Noodles was mediocre. Other good dishes you have to try would be their xiao long bao which was succulent and indeed worth it.

Their standard dim sum menu was rather wide as the choices were many and I remember trying some interesting new dishes such as the cheese roll and other fried stuff.

However, here comes their bad service. Well, all the dishes we ordered were served swiftly with the exception of one, our chee cheong fun. We waited about 30 mins more after we were done with all our dishes just for the chee cheong fun to be served which could have been eated up in 5 mins. This was unacceptable.

Other than this, the experience could have been much enjoyable.

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I12 Katong
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