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Hawker Stalls S snoopyblues October 09, 2012 176
Quite Special
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I came to know about this place because of a friend, she stays nearby and whenever she had family gatherings, her family will go there and have dinner. So, one of my family gatherings, I brought my parents there and try their well-known dish: White Beehoon. It is literally ‘white beehoon’.

The first time I go, my feeling for that place is new and interesting, but after I have been there many times, I feel that there is nothing special. Simple dish like sweet and sour pork is not tasty, the pork is hard and the sweet and sour sauce is not nicely done as well. Do not drive there because parking space is hard to find, so maybe you can take the shuttle bus that is provided by Sembawang Shopping Centre, and just cross the road over to You Huak Sembawang White Beehoon.
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