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Hawker Stalls T thethinker February 20, 2013 69
Prawn Lovers Galore
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The first thing that I noticed about this stall is its exceptionally long queue which moves really slowly. In the front, it is not hard to see the lady boss shouting out orders and looking extremely moody, however, despite that, I decided to give the prawn noodles a try.

I went for the $20 one, which I must say had 3 really big prawns in a soup that tasted very good. The dry noodles with was separate from the wok bowl soup was quite tasty, and its flavour with the touch of vinegar is rather unique. However, while the food is quite good, I find the prices not so reasonable, as I can easily buy double the prawns of the same size in the market for the same price that I pay for 3 here, and not to mention the service is a little of a put off, but I will come here once in a while for their special soup.
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