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Buttered Pork Ribs!!!
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The first time I tried the heavenly buttered pork ribs, it was at a friend's birthday party. Yes, she specially made the trip to have the buttered pork ribs served at her party. It is that sinfully tasty!

I recently had dinner there with a few friends, and the zi char served there was really satisfying, albeit pricey for the small servings. Perhaps it's a plot to make you crave the food. If it was part of their plan, they definitely owned it! Other than the famous buttered pork ribs, we ordered the tofu with golden mushroom, salted egg prawns and a plate of vegetables. I do not usually like tofus, for they are so soft and mushy, but this dish was delectable - the tofus were crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, and the sauce complemented it really well. The salted egg prawns were another amazing dish. Every single prawn was so awfully yummy! And they are really generous with the sauces, which are so good you can literally lick them off the plates.

Oh, despite it being a hawker place, reservations are possible, so if you are heading for dinner there, do reserve early! Or else, be prepared for a long wait. Although they own the whole hawker area by night, the fans they garner is no joke!

Once again, the only qualms I have of this place is that the servings of the food are really little for the price. I can probably finish a small serving of buttered pork ribs and salted egg prawns by myself. Definitely worth going back to though!

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Buttered Pork Ribs, Salted Egg Prawn
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