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Hawker Stalls T thethinker January 13, 2013 82
A taste like no other
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Pig's organ soup is disliked by some due to the porky smell of the pig innards that is apparent in the soup and innards themselves due to the stall's method of handling them. However, this shop does know how to properly clean those innards, thus the soup and innards do not carry an appallingly porky smell.

The Soup is extremely tasty, filled with flavours of the meat, but yet any unpleasant aftertaste is well concealed by the salted vegetables and fried garlic, which makes the soup so delicious and irresistible.

The braised items are cooked in an almost perfect five spice sauce, and are cooked just right, so they are not overcooked or undercooked. The braised pork belly and fen chang( a cut from the small intestines) are my personal favourites, along with the ever popular braised tau pok(tofu puff).

Do take note that the fen chang is only ready after 10am, and if you go earlier you might just miss it, but the fen chang is best ordered after 11am, where it is softer due to longer braising them. Also be prepared to queue, as not only do they always have a lot of customers, due to their cook upon order system, service can be a little slow. Personally, I would ask for my soup to be without the chinese parsley as I feel the soup just isn't as tasty with the parsley in it.

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