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Hawker Stalls T thethinker January 13, 2013 119
Amongst the best Bak Kut Teh
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To me, this could well be the best bak kut teh I have ever eaten. The soup is adequately peppery, and infused with flavour from the pork ribs and spices. In fact, it would not be over the top to say that every element of the soup is just right.

The salted vegetables have just the right amount of saltiness and are cooked soft enough. The braised pig trotters are extremely flavourful and the meat is very tender. For non-meat lovers, the shop sells steamed fish wrapped in a banana leaf which is very fresh and mild tasty, and the fish also contains fat, which is rich with omega 3.

Having come here many times, the staff know me and are willing to go the extra mile in their service. The environment may not be the cleanest around, but the food makes the visit worth it, not to mention the cheaper prices compared to other bak kut teh stalls.
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