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Hawker Stalls T thethinker February 20, 2013 97
Excellent claypot rice and soup
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The claypot cooked race carries a special aroma, and the ingredients it is cooked with such as the salted fish and waxed meat makes the rice really tasty. The chicken is well marinated, and the waxed meat and chinese sausages are of quite a good quality. Coupled with the dark soy sauce and lard which you can add in quantities that you want, the claypot rice is really heavenly, and the crisp rice crust that you can scrape out from the bottom of the claypot is something really special.

The double boiled soup is rather tasty, and are quite refreshing, which removes the greasiness of the rice from your mouth when taken together. In addition, for the prices you pay, you get extremely generous portions of the food, and the claypot rice is filled with the ingredients, unlike that of some other stalls where there are lesser ingredients.

The dining area is rather hot and uncomfortable, and service is slow as they only cook upon order, so if you want to dine here, I recommend calling to make a reservation in advance,

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