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Hawker Stalls S snoopyblues October 12, 2012 81
Substandard food with lousy service
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I did not find this chicken rice stall very good. It could be because I have tried chicken rice balls in Malacca or the fact that I have had better chicken rice balls in Singapore, but I find the rice balls taste rather bland and the rice just isn't fragrant enough. The chicken is just about average, and the chilli and ginger condiments were disappointing, and all the food came at quite a high price for chicken rice. After all, ball or no ball, chicken rice is still chicken rice

Besides the substandard food, I was really unhappy with the service during my one and only time eating there, as not only was service inefficient, but the boss was rather moody. He was very rudely refused to accede to my requests, and was very proud that he sells chicken rice balls.

Just like what he said on television in the show "Our makan places lost and found", he was proud of the self proclaimed fact that he is the only one who sells chicken rice balls in Singapore, but in fact I have tried better and cheaper chicken rice balls elsewhere. I would recommend not patronising the shop unless you are really crazy for chicken rice balls.

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