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Hawker Stalls C cassandrakzy July 02, 2012 521
Supper warmth.
(Updated: October 11, 2012)
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Frog Porridge sounds intimidating to me initially but since my Mister X loves it so much, and particularly Eminent's frog porridge, I decide to partake in this exquisite meat to please him

I must say, we were both pleased with our supper. He is pleased because I finally decided to give this a shot. I was pleased because the frog meat really tastes like chicken! And the sauce is thick and flavorful, much to my delight! I am convinced to visit the shop again with him and we did.

The frog is soft and has small bones which poses a challenge to big eaters who are not careful with their food, hence, do take caution. It is affordable though, so do give this a try!

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