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Hawker Stalls V val_madish June 06, 2012 811
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Having explored most of the CBD area since I started work there 3 months ago, lunch quickly became a problem. Then, by pure luck, my colleagues and I chanced upon this hidden treasure tucked away at a small corner of the food centre.

Because there is no lack of good food at Amoy, we often had to leave the office extremely early to beat the queues. However, the service of this particular store, mended by husband and wife, was exceptionally fast. I really don't know how they can multi-task and remember so many things at once. I really salute them.

Furthermore, for $6 or less, one can get a main, the soup of the day ( usually mushroom soup which is really thick and yummy) and fries. The portions for their pasta is definitely value for money, being too much for a regular female to finish. We ate there two days in a row and left wanting to try everything on the menu.
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