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Hawker Stalls S shalene April 09, 2012 421
Great Western Meal!
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I'm quite appalled at the negativity of the reviews most users here have given to Botak Jones because of all the times I've had it, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal! I've had it for around ten times at 3 different places in all. I usually frequent the one at a coffee shop at Bedok. The other two outlets I have frequented were the ones in Changi and Somerset. 

I think that their service is better than many other western food stores such as Aston's; my orders are always pleasantly and patiently taken down and with a genuine smile. Even when I request for extra sauces etc to be brought after my food have arrived, the staff do it without complaints. 

Must trys: Cajun Chicken 
I extremely love this dish! It's true though that after a while it gets abit dry. But I think the cheese sizzled on it makes up for the dryness. You could also get a less dry side such as coleslaw. 

Fish and Chips are good as well, my folks love it due to the lack of the fishiness. In addition, based on all the experiences my folks had while eating this, fish and chip portions from botaks are usually very big! 

A must try side dish includes their Double baked cheese potato. In the past it was free and came along with a meal just like any side dish, but now if you were to choose that as sides you have to pay. It's worth a try though!! Extremely love this!! If there is only one thing you can have at Botaks, you HAVE to try this!!!!

I tried their Chocolate Sensation cake a year back, not fantastic or anything. I would recommend you to go elsewhere for desserts.

Last advice: if you frequent BJ often, do ask for their loyalty card. I don't think they would give it out till you ask for it. 

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