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Hawker Stalls S shalene April 09, 2012 336
Cheesy Potato!
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I don't consider myself a food connoisseur, so even though I did taste Botak Jones at the height of it's popularity, it doesn't leave a lasting impression on me. Not to say that the food was bad. It was great, but I'm just the kind of guy who rems the bad and forget the good when it comes to food. The kind of guy chefs hate.

Anyway, since the only thing I rem about Botak Jones is the great food, I harbor no preconceptions about its quality and hence the perceived drop of standard reported by some of the reviewers. Ignorance is bliss!

I usually eat at the Bedok branch in the afternoon. Service is good and everyone was smiley and friendly. I also love the option of an extra large meal if I'm really hungry. Prices may be a little steeper than normal fare, but it's ultimately in a coffeeshop setting so the price would not be as bad as a restaurant or cafe's.

I absolutely relished its mashed potato with cheese, makes my mouth water just thinking of it now. All in all, I feel that Botak Jones is a more attractive choice to the long queues of Astons if you're looking for western specialties.
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