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Hawker Stalls S shalene April 09, 2012 302
The sides of the botak
(Updated: December 26, 2012)
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Botak Jones has its emphasis placed on an all american bistro-diner food, which is supposedly "fresh food" comprising a generous portion of a main and sides on a plate. However, in this particular version of 'diner food', the sides were much better than any of the mains.

The steak was not very well marinated and was not very fresh, since a strong foul smell was emulated from the tough steak instead of a fragrant meat flavour. Their fish is the sutchi fillets attained from frozen packs (for grilled fish and fish and chips), which has a fishy smell that some cannot tolerate.

On the other hand, their sides are excellent, especially their cajun fries and the cheese potato, which is so good that i could eat it as a meal. When visiting them, i usually order the sides only for my meal, as they are cheaper and better.

The cooking time and service waiting time is long, so do not go if you want to have your food on the spot. Also, the mains are not as good as some other coffee shop western food stalls I have tried like lava rock.
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